Women on the Go features Chocolate Tasting for Valentine's Day

      Texas Extension Education Association Club – Women on the Go
      Featuring Chocolate Tasting and Determining Quality and Pastry
      Tips ...

      You are invited to attend the Texas Extension Education
      Association Women on the Go Club, Thursday, February 14th  from
      noon to 1:00 p.m. at the Extension office, located at 266
      Nacogdoches Street in Center.  Come out, bring a friend, and
      enjoy this learning experience.

      The February program will feature guest speaker Michele Clark,
      Extension Master Wellness Volunteer.  Mrs. Clark will be
      providing a chocolate tasting and program on measuring the level
      of quality in chocolate, and she will provide some pastry
      shortcuts when working with this sweet delight.

      The focus of this fun, hands-on club will be on learning tips and
      shortcuts to be more productive and successful in balancing home,
      family and work through a healthy lifestyle.  While the focus of
      the club is geared toward women, it is open to men who also want
      to participate.

      Be sure to RSVP to 936-598-7744 no later than Tuesday, February
    Shelby County Extension Office, 266
      Nacogdoches St.

Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 12:00pm