Timpson Lady Bears historic season ends in Bryan

Marlin defeated Timpson, 48-30

For the first Time in Timpson’s history the Lady Bears traveled to to the UIL State Girls Basketball Championship Regional Tournament.

Timpson traveled to Bryan High school to take on the Marlin Lady Bulldogs. The Lady Bears came into the tournament 32-4 on the season.

The Lady Bears knew they had stiff competition, but they came into the stadium intending to leave it all on the court.
The first period was an exhilarating display of athleticism from both teams. For the first three minutes of play, neither team allowed any points. Then with 5 minutes remaining in the first period, the Lady Bulldogs sank a three point shot. Lady Bears Senior Sarah Duke answered with a free throw shot. Sophomore Harley Ware swooped in with a layup to tie the score. Timpson was gaining momentum. Ware put up two more lay ups.

Giving the Lady Bears 7 points on the period. The Lady Bulldogs also scored twice more once on a 3pt shot, and once with a layup. The teams were neck and neck. The time expired in the first period with the Lady Bears trailing Marlin 8-7.
The Lady Bears jumped ahead of the Bulldogs to start the second period with a lay up by Senior Brylee Behrens. The Lady Bulldogs answered back with points of their own.

The fight was on. Timpson only allowed the Marlin to score 8 points in the period, and added a total of 7 to their score.

Along with Behrens layup, Junior Layton Braddock hit a free throw, and Ware scored 3 points with two free throws and a layup. The Lady Bears were with in two points when they went to the locker room at the half. The score was Marlin-16 Timpson-14.
Although the Lady Bears had a strong first half, the third period is when it all started to fall apart for Timpson. They were only able to add a total of 4 points in the period.

Those were achieved by a set of layups from Senior Ja’karia Deckard and Brylee Behrens. The Lady Bulldogs managed to rack up 14 points this period, and quickly pulled away from Timpson. Putting Marlin on top 30-18.
The Lady Bears tried to Rally in the Fourth period. This was the highest scoring period on the night for the Lady Bears. Senior McKenzie Burgay, Deckard, Ware, and Behrens all made layups for two points.

While Braddock and Ware were both successful at the Free Throw line for 2 points each. This gave Timpson 12 more points in this matchup. Unfortunately, the Lady Bulldogs answered back with 18 points of their own. This gave them the win on the night. Marlin defeated Timpson with a final score of 48-30.
The Lady Bears have had an amazing season. When speaking with Head coach Joshua Jourden after the game he said the team had a great season.

“It was a phenomenal season, I’m so proud of the girls, they fought hard tonight,” when talking about the outcome of the game Coach Jourden said “there comes a point where you run into something like this. We did everything right, we were able to to stick with it for a half and keep it close, then their player just kinda took over.

“The shots didn’t fall for us like they usually do, that’s part of it. You gotta deal with those days when it happens,” he said.

The Lady Bears have had a successful season, and it has been a pleasure to follow them this year.