Timpson Lady Bears defeat Tenaha at Holiday Hoops

Brylee Behrens of Timpson earned the distinction of the All-Tournament Team, as did Jonisha Thompson of Tenaha

The Timpson Lady Bears and the Tenaha Lady Tigers are no strangers to one another. When two teams find themselves in such close proximity to a district opponent, a rivalry cannot help but be formed.

Sixteen teams of girls entered the 11th Annual Tenaha Holiday Hoops Tournament for a healthy dose of competition.

“It’s bigtime. That’s why you come here, to face this level of competition,” said Timpson Lady Bears Head Basketball Coach Bryan Braddock.

Tenaha opened the tournament with an upset win over the No. 9 1A LaPoynor Lady Flyers. They then faced even stiffer competition in the No. 3 1A Lipan Lady Indians. Once again, the Lady Tigers were victorious. In the tournament semi-finals, Tenaha finally met their match in the No. 13 3A Edgewood Lady Bulldogs. The Lady Tigers fell into the third-place game, where they faced the Timpson Lady Bears.

Timpson eliminated White Oak in the first round of tournament play and then went on to send the San Augustine Lady Wolves to the consolation bracket.

The Lady Bears then faced off against the Martins Mill Lady Mustangs in a rematch of last years’ Holiday Hoops Championship game. Unfortunately for the Lady Bears, the result was the same. Martins Mill would go on to win their fourth Tenaha Holiday Hoops Tournament and even passed 100 consecutive wins in the process.

Timpson and Tenaha entered the third-place game with strong defensive showings. At the four-minute mark of the first period, the score was only 3-0 in favor of the Lady Bears.

Timpson moved the ball well and eventually found openings in the strong zone-front that the Lady Tigers employed. At the end of the first the score was 9-0, Lady Bears.

Timpson’s full-court press gave the Lady Tigers trouble, and they continued to move the ball around on offense until opportunities presented themselves. Jonisha Thompson would finally end the scoring drought for the Lady Tigers with two free throws. Timpson’s aggressiveness on both sides of the ball appeared to wear down the Lady Tigers, and at the half, the Lady Bears led 24-6.

It wasn’t until the second half that Tenaha seemed to find their footing. Heading into the fourth the score was 39-15, Lady Bears. The fourth period ended up being the most effective for the Lady Tigers as they added 10 points to their total. Timpson would take the third-place victory with a score of 52-25.

From Tenaha, Jonisha Thompson ended the game with a 14-point total, Addy Duncan added four, Alisa Dodd, Kamari Gray, and Gracie Martinson each contributed two points, and Lucy Giles added one point on a free throw.

On the Timpson side, McKenna Wynn led with 17 points, Brylee Behrens contributed a 14-point total, Harlie Ware put up eight, Jaycee Campbell added seven points, McKenzie Wynn added a three-pointer, Laiton Braddock had 2 points, and Claire Johnson hit one free throw.

“We played Martins Mill yesterday, didn’t play very well. I probably got out-coached a little bit, but the girls showed up today and decided that they were going to battle,” Coach Braddock after the win.

“They really showed a lot of heart and energy out there today, and that’s what it’s about against Tenaha,” Braddock said. “With Tenaha, they’re lacking a few ball-handlers, and the ones they have are young, so we really tried to get up in their face and make it hard on them.

“We’re a man-to-man kind of run-and-jump team instead of just a zone press, so that really gave them fits,” he said. “Their zone is hard to score on. If we had to go half-court to half-court it would be a better ballgame, but luckily we were able to keep the tempo up today.”

Brylee Behrens of Timpson earned the distinction of the All-Tournament Team, as did Jonisha Thompson of Tenaha.

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