Timpson Lady Bears defeat Shelbyville 46-39

The Timpson Lady Bears and the Shelbyville Lady Dragons are both contenders to make a playoff run
later this season, so when they met Tuesday at Dragon Gymnasium in Shelbyville, no one was surprised
to be treated to a tightly contested ballgame. Both teams entered this contest with only one blemish to
their district record. Neither team was able to pull off a win against the No. 3 ranked Woden Lady Eagles
in their first district meeting. This game would determine which team would move into soul possession
of the runner-up position in the district. Of course, both still have time to improve their stock before the
end of district.
Both teams played very well on defense early in this one. Timpson often employs a full court press early,
and tonight was no exception. The Lady Bears swarmed the Lady Dragons on defense, but Shelbyville
moved the ball well and built up an early lead. Two three-pointers, one from McKenzie Wynn and the
other from Brylee Behrens, put the Lady Bears in the lead headed into the second period.
Shelbyville regained the lead early in the second. Kenzie Murry made an impressive hustle play running
down a ball that was headed out of bounds. She was then able to toss it off the leg of a Lady Bear before
momentum carried her out of bounds. Timpson kept things close and, with another three from Behrens,
retook the lead. Headed into the locker rooms at halftime, Timpson led 22-17.
Early in the third quarter, Brooke Elliott trimmed Timpson’s lead with a three making the score 22-20.
Timpson’s Harlie Ware quickly answered with a three of her own. The Lady Bears’ press started paying
dividends in the second half, as Shelbyville became a bit careless with the ball. Timpson extended their
lead by the end of the third period to 31-25.
The Lady Dragons were still within striking distance, but unfortunately were unable to close the
distance. The final score rested at 46-39, Timpson.
“Shelbyville is a physical team. That Coach Hand has done a really good job with them, coming in and
getting them to play hard and get after it. We got behind early, and we had to make adjustments, and
that’s what we’ve been talking about with the girls. We’ve got to be able to make the changes and be
ready to adjust to the game. We were trying to keep it out of [Kiana Bennett’s] hands. We were able to
trap her a few times and make them give it up. At the end of the day, we were able to stay on top,” said
Timpson Head Basketball Coach Bryan Braddock.
Behrens led the Lady Bears with 12 point. Jaycee Campbell and Laiton Braddock weren’t far behind,
each managed to add 11 points to the Lady Bears final total.

On the Shelbyville side, Bennett and Elliott led the Lady Dragons with 15 points each.

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