Dragons roll past the Bears in district action

The Shelbyville Dragons continue to roll through 2A District 22 with a win over the Timpson Bears in
Shelbyville on Tuesday night. Shelbyville earned a 65-48 victory over the Bears.
Early in the ballgame, Timpson Bear Jarrett Page had to leave the game after taking a bump on the head
that left him bleeding from a small gash on his forehead. Fans were relieved to see Page reenter the
game shortly after exiting. Page didn’t let the injury slow him down at all, as he led the Bears with 12
points on the night.
The Dragons ended the first quarter with a 19-3 lead. Shelbyville dropped 17 unanswered points just
before the second period. LD Coleman showed well in the first quarter with a total of eight points. It
appears that Coleman has really come into his own as a contributor within the Dragons’ game plan.
“[LD] plays really hard. He moves without the ball really well, so he gets open. Buckley does a good job
of finding him. [LD] plays really good defense. He kind of anchors our defense. He’s playing well, and
he’s really stepped up from last year,” said Shelbyville Head Basketball Coach David Schmitt.
Jordan Boykins has made a name for himself beyond the three-point line for the Dragons. Boykins put
on a clinic in Tuesday’s matchup. He put up an 18-point total all from beyond the arc. Boykins doesn’t
shy away from deep shots. Defenders have to be prepared to put pressure on Boykins as soon as he
crosses half court, as he has proven himself more than capable to sinking shots from well beyond the
three-point line.
Jay Buckley continues a dominant senior campaign. He is a truly exciting player to watch. Despite being
double teamed for a large portion of the game, Buckley still managed an impressive 22-point total on
the night.
Camden Foster of Timpson was hot on the heels of Page’s 12-point total with 11 points on the night
himself. Brayden Courtney finished with a 10-point contribution.
Shelbyville will face off against the Tenaha Tigers on Friday in what is sure to be an exciting ballgame.
“We know that, at Tenaha, it’s going to be a tough one. We’re going to have to come ready to play.
We’ll have a lot to deal with considering that crowd, but we’ll be ready,” said Schmitt looking forward to
their district matchup with the Tigers.

While Shelbyville is traveling to Tenaha, the Timpson Bears will be hosting their rival from across the
Attoyac, the Garrison Bulldogs.

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