Joaquin Rams defeat Garrison, 45-23

Joaquin Rams left their game on Friday night, Sept. 27, with another HUGE victory, this one against the Garrison Bulldogs, 45-23. 

Gunner Nelson, No. 6, scored the first touchdown of the game, putting the Rams in the lead 7 - 0. With 4:22 left in the first quarter, the Bulldogs scored 3 points, putting the score for the beginning of second quarter at 7- 3. 

The first play and several seconds of the second quarter; Rams quarterback Connor Bragg ran in a 32-yard touchdown. Followed by a completed field goal, putting the Rams at 17 points. 

The Garrison Bulldogs followed up several plays later scoring a touchdown with about 2 minutes remaining in the second quarter. 

With 1:09 left on the clock before halftime, Joaquin’s Gunner Nelson ran in a 51-yard touchdown, adding 6 more points on the board for the Rams followed by another completed field goal. The third quarter started off 24 Rams, 10 Bulldogs. 

Third quarter started off with another touchdown by the Rams, by number 69 Dawson McFadden; setting the score to 31-10. 

Garrison Bulldogs scored again in the fourth quarter, but the Rams wrapped the game up with two more touchdowns, ending the game with a domination of 45 - 23 on Garrison. 

The Rams have a bye this week but will be traveling to Linden-Kildare to take on the Tigers, Friday, Oct. the 11.

Please check out more photos from last Friday's Joaquin Rams win over Garrison:

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