Lady Riders volleyball squad hosts Carthage Lady Bulldogs

Lady Riders varsity volleyball played a tough game against Carthage Tuesday Oct. 1, but came up on the short end after three matches.

The first point was scored by Carthage, turning into a back-to-back game of bumps and spikes. 

The score was 3-1 with Carthage in the lead when Lady Rider #4 Jasmine Cooves blocked a heavy spike by Carthage and turned the game’s energy around.

Carthage scored several more times; first game score being 1-7. Lady Rider #4 Jasmine Cooves bumped a spike from Carthage, followed up with a spike by #10 McKenzi Jowers. Carthage didn’t get a hit back, resulting in a point for Center. 

Lady Rider #9 Jakayla Parks was seen hitting a number of spikes to Carthage, playing well with #8 Baileigh Barrera who was setting some nice hits up for her team. 

#12 Makaiya Hubbard brought several points to the board for the Lady Riders; stopping several spikes at the net and putting the score at 4 - 12. 

The first game ended with a heavy spike by Lady Rider #16 Alex Patton and several tips by #12 Makaiya Hubbard. The first games final score was Carthage 25-7. 

The second game; Center started off strong with 2 points on the board to zero for Carthage.

Carthage eventually caught up in the game, 3 -3, #9 Jakayla Parks saved a set by Carthage, bumping the ball for #16 Alex Patton who came in with a strong spike.

The Lady Riders kept a strong game going against Carthage, the score by the middle of the second game was 10 - 22.

Final score of second game; Carthage 24-11 over Center.

The third game was a slow game; working their way up to a tie again, Lady Riders #4 Jasmine Cooves and #9 Jakayla Parks blocked several spikes from Carthage at the net. 

Beyonce Bell, #7, served several balls to Carthage that resulted in no hits; giving Center 3 points on the board. 

Several more outstanding plays were made by the Lady Riders until Carthage finally hit 25 points. The final scores of the third game being 25-11, Carthage over the Lady Riders.

Next Tuesday the Lady Riders are scheduled to be on the road to take on Jasper in district action.



Please check out photo gallery from Tuesday's Lady Riders vs Carthage volley ball matches:

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