Tenaha ISD focuses on early childhood literacy

Board members set goals for upcoming school year

TENAHA — School board members here have adopted goals for the upcoming school year that include targeting of the academic areas of writing, early childhood literacy and middle school history for improvement.

Superintendent Scott Tyner said strengthening the Tenaha ISD's early childhood literacy should be an ongoing goal.

“It is so vitally important to any success that we will have down the road for these kiddos,” he said. “We would probably all agree that early childhood literacy should always be an academic reach for us.”

The board also agreed the special education resource room needs to align with the district's general education curriculum with an aim of improving scores for special ed students.

Other goals include a focus on identifying and prioritizing the district's most immediate facilities needs and look at evaluating alternative means to generate additional revenues for the district.

One of those areas of need is to make improvement to the district's science labortary.

The board approved changes to the student handbook allowing the immediate denial of allowing transfer students to be dispelled when discipline or attendance issues arises. Previously, administrators had to wait until the end of the school year to take such action, officials said.

There were also some minor changes made to the student dress code that included banning hairstyles that cause undo attention or block the view of other students in the classroom will not be permitted.

Tenaha Athletic Director Greg Jenkins said he is feeling positive about the fall football season after meeting with his coaching staff on July 16. He said after the 7-on-7 summer football season ended in June he wasn't sure how many players would show up after a two-week break.

“We had 30 kids show up today to work out today,” Jenkins said. He said he is feeling energized about the new school year and season with the new coaching staff members and attitude of student athletes.

“We tried to hire a lot of positive people who would come in and bring some energy to the program,” Jenkins said.

In other business the board approved:

• The 2018-2019 employee handbook and student handbook;

• The student code of conduct for the upcoming year;

• The annual appraisal calendar and the annual tax collections report.

• And the certified delinquent tax roll.