All Hours Fitness loosens the muscles

New Hydro Massage Bed open for use

All Hours Fitness in Center has a new feature for members that is used all over the world and by professional athletes, the Hydro Massage Therapy Bed.


“The bed has heated water jets inside of it that massage you, you can control the pressure and speed of the apparatus inside,” said Manager of All Hours Fitness in Center, Heidi Ricketson. “It gives you a ten minute massage that gives you a lot more benefits than just relaxing you.”


Professional sports teams, chiropractic clinics, and doctor’s offices use the Hydro Massage Therapy Bed. It is used to alleviate pain, help with sore muscle recovery, and to help reduce spine and back problems due to tension. 


“It really does release toxins when the water pressure moves through you, the jets are so strong it unbinds tight muscles,” said Ricketson. “This is why places such as the professional baseball training facility in Colorado Springs use the bed, its works and really helps to relieve pain and fatigue.”


The new Hydro Massage Therapy Bed includes heat, pressure, and timing controls that can be custom set via a touchscreen attached to the bed. “The bed is really pressure sensitive and has the ability to be custom set to target the areas and muscles that you need to have massaged right,” said Ricketson.


Other features of the Hydro Massage Therapy Bed include the ability to watch videos, play games, or even read while receiving a deep tissue massage. The Hydro Massage Therapy Bed is available for use in 10-minute intervals and to learn more about pricing contact All Hours Fitness in Center.