Unresponsive driver leads to narcotics arrest

On May 18, 2018, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Griffin was dispatched to FM 2975 and FM 417 West for an unresponsive driver stopped in the roadway. The initial call indicated two passersby’s were concerned that the driver may have been suffering from a medical condition because he would not wake up.

Once on scene, Deputy Griffin spent several minutes trying to awake the driver. After a period of time, the driver slowly awoke and put the car in park. The driver was identified 36-year old Jeffrey Haley of Center.

Deputy Griffin observed Haley to have slurred speech and instructed Haley to step out of the vehicle. When Haley stepped out, Deputy Griffin observed a clear plastic bag containing a substance believed to be marijuana. Deputy Griffin detained Haley and conducted a probable search of the vehicle.

Two Xanax pills and the remains of a marijuana cigarette were located inside a Newport cigarette pack located in the driver’s side door pocket. Two clear plastic baggies containing a clear crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine were rolled up inside of the exterior cellophane wrapper around the cigarette pack.

ACE EMS arrived on scene to examine Haley but he refused medical treatment. Deputy Griffin was able to verify that Haley did not have a prescription for the Xanax.

Haley was arrested and booked into the Shelby County jail for POCS (F-4) - $5,000 bond; POCS (M-A) - $4,000 bond; and POM (M-B) - $1,500 bond.


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