Focused Post-Acute Care Partners Officially Introduces Focused Care at Center

New Ownership Aims to Bring State of the Art Skilled Nursing Care To Smaller Towns, Rural Communities Throughout Texas 



(Center, TX) – Focused Post-Acute Care Partners (FPACP) officially introduced Focused Care at [town] today under the new ownership brand and further emphasized with team members and community partners the mission of the company – which is to ensure that seniors and their families in the smaller towns and rural areas of Texas have access to high quality rehab and patient-centered skilled nursing care.


“I have a heart for the small towns and rural communities of Texas where so many folks have and still are contributing to the character and life of our Lone Star State,” said Mark McKenzie, president, CEO and owner of FPACP. “These communities need a high quality health care choice in long term care and our job is to provide it to them.”


Trademarks of FPACP ownership can be found in the weekly inspirational messages McKenzie sends to staff, the recognition program to acknowledge high performing employees, daily promotion of the expectation of excellence in care, a corporate wellness program that will eventually expand to all facility team members and residents, and the motto that can be found on the building signs, company logo, door mats and throughout the facility: It Takes a Minute to Change a Life.


“Providing skilled nursing care to an aging population is not an easy job and even a dedicated staff can feel overwhelmed at times,” said Hollie Adams, facility administrator of Focused Care at Center. “This new culture values the team members, acknowledges the work and commitment and love that goes into what we do every day.  It’s very supportive and encouraging.  Being valued is a great feeling and that new energy is being passed on through the care we provide to residents.  Our team goes that extra mile.  We strive to meet that expectation of excellence.”


FPACP’s business model includes an improved and more sophisticated long term care delivery system that targets select markets. To date, FPACP has acquired 20 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) throughout Texas, and currently has 1500 employees providing skilled nursing care to an estimated 1300 residents throughout the state.


Focused Care’s changes aren’t limited to building improvements and a culture change.    Implementing complete electronic medical records (EMR) software with a target of minimal to no paper by mid-year 2018, transitioning to resident-centered care models and designing a company-wide nutritional program offering healthy meal choices are just a few examples of programs Focused Care is aiming to bring to every facility. 


“If you constantly have an expectation of excellence and encourage that throughout your company, that expectation will be realized in the overall care we provide,” said McKenzie.  “It’s not all built into what equipment is in the therapy room – it’s embodied in the customer service.  With all the advances in medical science and technology, there remains a constant in healthcare.  At the end of the day, it’s about people taking care of people. That’s why I chose this business.”