Tenaha Middle School Band Earns Sweepstakes!

The Tenaha Middle School Band performed on April 25th, and received a division one superior rating on the concert stage, and a division one superior rating in sight-reading.  This results in the Tenaha Middle School Band earning the UIL Sweepstakes Award for the second year in a row!  This is a great accomplishment for the Tenaha school district, and very rare achievement for any 2A/1C middle school band.  In fact, Tenaha was the only 2A/1C middle school band to perform at the Region 21 contest!  The future is bright for the Tenaha band program!  Here are a few of the judges comments: “Well-prepared!” “Music is well-chosen.” “Nice job overall.” “Good Characteristic tone and Balance.” “Good uniformity in tonal/ rhythmic clarity.” “Well-rehearsed group!”


The Light and Champion

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