Tenaha Tiger Update, April 17

April 17, 2018-FFA Horse Judging at Sam Houston; Baseball vs Shelbyville 4:00 pm Home; Basketball Signing in Tiger Den 9 am

April 18, 2018-HS UIL Concert & Sight Reading in Bullard 4:20 pm; Ag-Welding Field Trip 6:45 am;

                          Regional Tennis in Corsicana; 10 grade & Jr (Dual Credit) TSI MS computer lab; Little Dribblers in Leon; Now You’re 18 for Seniors

April 19, 2018-Dual Credit in Center; Area HS Track in San Augustine 10:00 am

April 20, 2018-Baseball vs Timpson 6:00 pm There; End 5th Grading Period; Book Fair Preview for Parents 2-4 pm;

                          Mandatory Senior CPR(Required to Graduate) 3rd period

April 21, 2018-Cheer TryOuts 10:00 am

April 23, 2018-Kindergarten Roundup begins; Beginning 6th Grading Period; Book Fair Begins

April 24, 2018-Baseball vs Joaquin 4:00 pm Home

April 25, 2018-7th Grade Band Contest in Lufkin 9:00 am; Kindergarten Cap/Gown Pics/Graduation Pics/Individual and Group; 3rd Gr Field Trip to

                             Gator and Friends; ASVAB MS Computer Lab

April 26, 2018-TSI

April 27, 2018-HS Track Regional’s  in Palestine

April 30, 2018-HS Robotics in Kilgore

May 4, 2018-Ag Bar-b-que Competition in Burnett

May 5, 2018- Senior 2018 celebration Party at Tenaha Youth Center  6:30 pm

May 7, 2018-STARR Alg I/Bio/US History

May 8, 2018-STARR Bio

May 9, 2018-STARR US History/Alg I

May 10, 2018-Beta Induction; HS Track State in Austin


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Basketball Signing today:


Bianca Davison-East Texas Baptist University                    Destini Whitehead-Sam Houston State University

Congratulation to both of these young ladies!!!


Students of the Month:

Congratulations to the students of the Month! Pictured are Mae Blackshire , Danny Flores, Cynthia Hernandez, Tatyana Adams, and Evan Plata! Not pictured are Jose Ramirez, Arturo Rico, and Christasha Suell!


Tenaha Tiger Baseball Fans and Parents:

The Tenaha Baseball team will be selling baseball hats for $15. All of the proceeds will be used to buy the team new “jerseys” for the second half of district.

Sizing chart and quantities remaining are as follows:
7 - Small
23- Medium/Large
13 - X-Large

All sizes are stretch fit! If you have any further questions let me know.

Spread the word! Coach Ball   balldaniel@tenahaisd.com