Tiger News, March 30

March 30, 2019-Early Release 11:30 am; Pictures Elem Classroom Groups (PK3-5th); Baseball vs Joaquin 3 pm (There)

April 1, 2018-Easter

April 2, 2018-4 & 5 Robotics at Kilgore; HS Track Shelbyville Relays- There; STARR ALT 2 (Gr 3-8 EOC)

April 3, 2018-Band Sectionals 5:30 pm-8:30 apm; Baseball vs Mr. Enterprise 6:00 pm There

April 4, 2018-6-8 Robotics in Kilgore

April 5, 2018-JH Track District in San Augustine

April 6, 2018-Baseball vs Woden 4:30 pm Home


First Grade Easter Egg Hunt

Students scramble to find eggs. Each egg contained a piece of paper with a word or math problem. The students read the word or answered the math problem to earn a candy prize.