Center ISD to place two bond measures on May 2018 ballot

Center ISD Press Release

On February 15, 2018 the Board of Trustees met at a regularly scheduled meeting and unanimously adopted an Order Calling a Bond Election, pursuant to which, a bond election will be conducted in the District on May 5, 2018.

After a thorough review by a special committee responsible for evaluating the future facility needs of the district, the Board of Trustees determined to proceed with 2 bond propositions, encompassing the proposed projects.

Proposition A is for 20 million dollars and will not require a tax increase. Proposition A is to be used for proposed academic campus improvements that will allow for grade level realignments, safety and security upgrades, and infrastructure improvements. Under this proposition, all campuses will benefit from either new construction, renovations, and improvements or a combination of all three. Furthermore, Proposition A allows for the district to address traffic congestion in and around the campuses.

Under Proposition A, new construction at the FLM campus will allow for the inclusion of first and second grade. Center Elementary School will become a third through fifth grade campus. Additional parking and traffic improvements are planned for Center Elementary School. Center Middle School will claim the Center Intermediate School campus. As well, Center Middle School will receive substantial improvements in the form of new construction and renovations. Center High School will also receive campus improvements under proposition A.

Details on the proposed academic projects will be published further in voter information materials, public meetings, and posted on the District’s website in the very near future.

Proposition B consists of 10 million dollars to be used for extracurricular band, agriculture, and athletic program improvements. Specifically, Proposition B will be used for proposed improvements which include, but are not limited to, a new middle school band hall, new livestock barn/farm, new 1200-1500 seat multi-purpose event center and gymnasium, slight improvements to Roughrider Stadium, and renovation of current high school gym to a multi-purpose indoor practice facility.

The usage for the proposed multi-purpose event center and gymnasium will include, but not be limited to, basketball, band concerts, and graduation if the weather is a factor. The usage for the proposed renovation of the current high school gym to a multi-purpose indoor practice facility will include, but not be limited to, band marching practice, all sports, and other campuses will have access when weather interrupts their normally scheduled outdoor events.

If the community approves proposition B, the tax rate will increase by eight cents. In Center ISD, the average homestead value is $79,251. After you apply the 20% homestead exemption and subtract the 25K state exemption, the average homestead taxable value is $38,400. As such, Proposition B will increase homestead taxes by $30.72 a year or $2.56 a month.

Those that are 65 years of age and older will not see any school tax increase on their homestead. For those 65 years and older, homestead taxes are frozen with a simple application to the appraisal district.

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