Center PD Weekly Arrests


Bryant, Michael 45 of Tuscan AZ; Public Intoxication

Redmond, Anaska 27 of Center; No Drivers license; warrant/FTA

McCollister, Darron 43 of Center; theft

Land, Jatarious Daquan 20 of Center; Warrant/speeding; Warrant/FTA

Holman, Charrika 27 of Center; No Driver license; Warrant/child under 17 w/no restraint; Warrant/child under 17 w/no restraint; Warrant/ No driver license; Warrant/Ran red light; Warrant/FTA

Gee, Min 41 of Center; Public intoxication

Johnson, Giovani 28 of Center; theft of motor vehicle

Tillotson, David 49 of Joaquin; driving while license invalid; no insurance

Solomon, Durankus 28 of Center; no driver license; child unrestrained; driving in Center lane; unsafe speed; no registration; no driver license; failure to appear

Bertrand, Norma Jean’e 60 of Eunice LA; ordinance/loitering

Bertrand, Patrick James Jr. 35 of Center; ordinance/loitering

Dunmire, David Christopher; 37 of Brookland TX; public intoxication

McKinney, Casey 39 of Center; theft

Hemphill, Kelly Michelle 41 of Huxley; possession of controlled substance; possession of marijuana; improper turn; possession of controlled substance

Suell, Blandell 57 of Center; public intoxication; warrant/FTA; warrant/consuming alcoholic beverage

Bell, John Wayne 63 of Center; public intoxication

Harper, Gregory Lemond; 38 of Nacogdoches; public intoxication

Norris, Jimmy Ray 57 of Center; warrant/no insurance; warrant/FTA

Soloman, Abebe 34 of Center; public intoxication

Mohamed, Issa of Center; aggravated assault w/deadly weapon; aggravated assault w/deadly weapon

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