The Timpson Bears will be playing the Tenaha Tigers at the Carthage Bulldog football stadium tomorrow night (Thursday Dec. 7) at 7:00 p.m. in the 2A D2 Region III finals. The Bears are the visitors.  Admission is $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for students. District Passes and Timpson Senior Citizen Passes will be honored at the Admission gate. As a reminder, air horns are prohibited at the stadium. Please see the attached Carthage stadium regulations. Come out and support our Shelby county teams!

General Regulations

  • No gas or electric heaters allowed.
  • No air horns, train horns, cannons or confetti (spray cans or paper) allowed in the stadium, on the field or track, or in the field house.
  • No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products permitted on school property, including parking lots.
  • No ice chests will be allowed in the stadium except for the competing teams and band/drill teams.


  • Water is the only liquid allowed on the field. No colored drinks may be brought onto the field by any group. Teams may have Gatorade in the dressing room, but not on the field.
  • Tobacco, seeds, gum and other similar products are not allowed on the field or track.
  •  No vehicles on the field or track. 
  • No glass containers, cans or food on the field.
  • Confetti (paper and/or can spray) and other similar products are not allowed on or near the field or in the field house.
  • Metal cleated shoes are not allowed on the field.
  •  Band and Drill Team props must not mark or scar the field or track.
  • The use of chairs, stools, ladders, high heeled shoes, or other pointed objects will not be allowed on the field.
  •  Spirit and run through signs must be made of vinyl/cloth with permanent paint that does not run when wet. Spirit Signs must be tied to the lower stadium railing. No paper or painted signs. Taping of signs to any stadium structure will not be permitted.
  • Those without proper credentials or non-uniformed individuals allowed on the field at head coach’s discretion. Authorized CISD students must wear wrist band issued by Athletic Department.
  •  Spectators are not allowed on the field. (Children/students are not allowed to play on the track in the end zones.)