First United Methodist Church to Host First Ever Hand Bell Concert

The First United Methodist Church in Center invites the community to its first ever "Evening With The Bells," a hand bell concert of both sacred and popular music.  The concert will be held at the FUMC Fellowship Hall on Sundaynight October 29 at 6:00 pm.


"A hand bell choir is unique thing," long-time ringer Alice Sue Howard said.  "Each player is responsible for one note in the song -- kind of like having a bunch of piano players, each one playing one note in a piece designed for ten fingers.  It's challenging to play and it's as much fun to watch as it is to listen to."


The FUMC Hand Bell Choir will present an eclectic set of selections.  "Highland Cathedral," a traditional high-church piece and "Just a Wayfaring Stranger."  In addition , the choir will perform a Southern spiritual, a theme from a children's show, a #1 hit from the band Coldplay, a military march, and the national anthem.


"And we wouldn't want to forget the most iconic and famous of all hand bell pieces, 'Carol of the Bells," adds director Chris Watlington.  "Before the night is over, we will preview the Christmas season with that piece of music.  Besides, you can't have a hand bell concert without 'Carol of the Bells!'"


The Bells are excited to present their special guest David Mathis, the First Baptist Church's music director.  He will perform a hand bell solo, something that even the FUMC bells have never seen.


"I am excited to see someone ring a song all by themselves," FUMC ring Becky Parfait said.  "I work so hard on my individual part, it's hard to imagine someone ringing all the bells with just his two hands!"


Again, "Evening With The Bells" is set for Sunday October 29 at 6:00 pm at the FUMC Fellowship Hall.  Light refreshments will be served and the concert is free to the public