Joaquin G.T. Nominations Will be Accepted from Oct. 4 Through Oct. 13

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Gifted and Talented student nominations for grades 6-8 will begin Monday, October 04, 2017, and end Friday, October 13, 2017. If you would like to nominate your child, a nomination application will be sent home for you to complete and return. Please contact Terri Gray for a nomination packet or with any questions you may have regarding the Joaquin Jr. High GT Program.

Joaquin Independent School District will continue to provide a Gifted and Talented Program which:

  • increases creative thinking and problem solving skills through the development of fluent, flexible, original and collaborative thinking processes;
  • develops skills in logical reasoning and critical thinking through the application of higher-level cognitive thinking processes;
  • extends skills in research/independent study through planning and conducting teacher-directed and self-directed studies utilizing a variety of materials and media;
  • develops a positive self concept, improve interpersonal skills, and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness, worth, and contributions of self and others.


Joaquin Independent School District Gifted and Talented Program is an enriched program for those students who are identified as gifted and talented and placed in the program according to Joaquin ISD’s identification procedure. Emphasis will be on providing a learning environment and activities which foster the development of higher-order thinking skills, creative thinking skills, problem solving skills and communication skills. Students will be exposed to experiences and information which are outside the bounds of the regular curriculum and will be encouraged to develop advanced level products and performances. Each student will be assisted in the development of a healthy self-concept and relationship with peers.

Sincerely, Jimmy Jackson, Principal & Cassie Porter, Counselor