Timpson high school accepts SFA grant

Grant brings two new courses to TISD STEM program

Timpson Independent School District had two visitors to its campus last Thursday when two faculty members of Stephen F. Austin University came to announce that a grant had been given to the school for two new courses in its STEM program.


“We are here today to celebrate with our partners here at TISD,” said Dean of Perkins College of Education for SFA, Judy Abbott. “TISD partners with SFA and we are happy to announce the launch of two new courses in the CTE section of schooling that will be focused on developing a pipeline to educating as a career.”


Abbott was accompanied by Associate Dean in the office of assessment and accountability for the Perkins College of Education for SFA, Christina Sinclair to announce the awarding of the grants.


“We know that across the state of Texas that there is a teaching shortage and the reason for that is that high school students now have the opportunity to go into different fields than that of just teaching,” said Abbott. “So the state has looked for ways to encourage students to go into teaching, and the grants TISD has been given will hopefully push more students into that field.”


The two new courses will offer students at Timpson high school new choices when it comes to joining in on STEM and dual credit classes to prepare early for college and work after high school.


At grade nine, students will be offered the choice to take a class in Human Growth and Development, as well as a follow up class in Principles of Education during their sophomore year.


“The cool thing about this is that it gives a fast forward for these kids,” said Abbott. “It gives them a chance to get a jump start into education as a career, and coming up there will be two more courses offered to students here in their junior and senior years that will give the students dual credit that can be used in their future degree plans.”


Students planning to join the education courses will not only be learning in the classroom but will also be joining in field hours as they learn from other teachers at Timpson ISD.


“The idea behind this is that we want these kids to be able to delve into the ideas and concepts of being a teacher,” said Christina Sinclair. “We hope that after the students gain their degrees that the program will come full circle and a lot of these students will come back to teach here at Timpson.”


The grant given to TISD not only affects students though, teachers will also be given the chance to go back to school while teaching to gain a master’s degree or to attend to gain the 18 hours needed to come back and teach future education courses for students that will be offered in the junior and senior year.


“There is something special about the teachers, students, and community here in Timpson,” said Abbott. “The faculty and community has really invested in their kids here in so many ways, they are committed to helping all students have a jumpstart for their future and Timpson is definitely leading the way in that.”