Tenaha ISD to Resume Food Service on Monday, March 30

At 10:00 AM starting on Monday and everyday ,Monday through Friday, and thereafter for the duration of the Covid-19 Lockdown, Tenaha ISD will offer Free Breakfast and Lunch to ALL CHILDREN within the TISD residential lines.  We will be offering lunches for the day plus breakfast for the next day every day.  Below are the details to receive meals:

Option 1:  DELIVERY-  Starting at 10:00 AM be on the lookout for the TISD Yellow school buses on their normal bus routes.  Kids need only to stand at the bus stop and have their food delivered to them.  Students have to be there to pick it up.  Other students cannot pick yours up for you.  For kids who don’t ride the bus but want a meal delivered, please email Terry Bowlin at bowlinterry@tenahaisd.com or contact her by phone at 936-248-5000 ext. 400 and leave a message with your name and exact address/location.  We will simply add that stop to the route when we go. 

Option 2:  DRIVE THRU PICKUP-  At 10:00 AM you may also just drive thru the TISD Bus Run and pick up your meals.  Please remember that the kids must physically be there to pick up their meals. 

Continue to stay tuned to all channels of communication in the coming days for information on our developing Distance Learning options for students to continue their studies.  


Judy Monroe
Tenaha Independent School District
Special Services Director

The Light and Champion

137 San Augustine St.
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