Tenaha High School Band Students Break Records.... AGAIN!

Tiger band members advancing to state: Jared Tovar- Baritone Soloist; Andrew Tyner- Keyboard Soloist; and Corey McDonald- Keyboard Soloist

Tenaha High School Band students attended the Region 21 UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest this past Saturday, Feb. 9, and brought home 38 first division medals, according to Brian Sours, THS Band director.

Of those, 24 students performed either a class one solo and/ or a class one ensemble and are advancing to STATE!  Additionally, eight students earned a medal in two events! This break several records for this contest! Congrats to all these hard-working students. We are so proud!

Here are the state advancing students:

Jared Tovar- Baritone Soloist 
Andrew Tyner- Keyboard Soloist
Corey McDonald- Keyboard Soloist

Brass Quintet:
Eric Vasquez 
Jalynn Durbin
Banner Warr
Alan Mosqueda
Oscar Flores

Brass Quintet:
Manuel Loredo
David Leos
Anthony Horton
Trevor Lampley
Jose Mendoza

Brass Sextet:
Eric Vasquez (double medalist)
Banner Warr (double medalist)
Anthony Horton (double medalist)
Alan Mosqueda (double medalist)
Jared Tovar (double medalist)
Oscar Flores (double medalist)

Clarinet Choir:
Drew Henry
Addy Duncan
Cindy Hernandez
Annette Castillo
Lourdes Perez

Percussion Ensemble:
Andrew Tyner (double medalist)
Corey McDonald (double medalist)
Zach Hedlund
Kale Page
Michael Kellar
Devon Lampley
Alex Tyner