Tiger Update, April 6

April 6, 2018-Baseball vs Woden 4:00 pm Home; Elementary Field Trip to Shreveport Aquarium; State Robotics in Hutto

April 7, 2018-State Robotics in Hutto

April 9, 2018-HS Track District Prelims in Shelbyville

April 10, 2018-Baseball vs Martinsville 4:30 pm Home; STARR Eng I; Gr 4 & 7  Writing; Gr 5 & 8 Math

April 11, 2018-HS Track District Finals in Shelbyville; STARR Gr 5 & 8 Reading

April 12, 2018-STARR  Eng II; Elementary Field Trip Lufkin Zoo

April 13, 2018-Baseball vs Gary 6:00 pm There; STARR Make-Up

April 14, 2018-Prom 8:00 pm ( Pics at &:30 pm)

April 16, 2018-Book Fair; Cheerleader Practice 4-6 pm

April 17, 2018-Ag Huntsville Field Trip; Baseball vs Shelbyville 4:30 pm Home

April 18/19, 2018-HS UIL Concert & Sight Reading in Bullard

April 19, 2018-Dual Credit in Center; Area HS Track in San Augustine

April 20, 2018-Baseball vs Timpson 6:00 pm There; End 5th Grading Period

April 21, 2018-Cheer TryOuts 10:00 am

April 23, 2018-Kindergarten Roundup begins; Beginning 6th Grading Period

April 24, 2018-Baseball vs Joaquin 4:30 pm Home; Spring Concert & Awards Banquet @ 6:00 pm

April 25, 2018-10th Grade-Women in Energy @ Panola; 7th Grade Band Contest in Lufkin; Kindergarten Cap/Gown Pics/Graduation Pics/Individual and Group

April 27, 2018-HS Track Regional’s  in Palestine

May 5, 2018- Senior 2018 celebration Party at Tenaha Youth Center  6:30 pm.


District Tennis Meet in Center Wednesday, April 4th:

Calicia Roland and Arlicia Roland -1st in girls doubles, qualifying for Regional’s.

Drew Henry and Elizabeth Klump-4th in girls doubles

Ty Davis and Hernan Hernandez -4th in mixed doubles

Ariday Hernandez-4th in girls singles       


Track News:

JH Boys

8th Grade Boys District Champions!!

Jaqualin Garrett=5th 100m

                             6th 400m

Jose Corpus=6th 100m

                             3rd 200m

Jose Lopez=3rd 100m

David Leos=1st 200m

                             4th 400m

Allen Mosqueda=1st 2400m

                             1st 1600m

                             2nd 800m

Malici Blanton=6th 800m

                             5th 400m

Jermey Patton=1st 4x100

                             1st 4x200

1st 4x400

2nd High Jump

1st Triple Jump

Sakdaric Roland=1st 4x100

                             1st 4x200

                             1st 4x400

Markee Rasberry=1st 4x100

                                      1st 4x200

                                      1st 4x400

                                      4th Triple Jump

Markion Rasberry=1st 4x100

                                      1st 4x200

                                      1st 4x400

                             5th Long Jump

                             3rd High Jump

7th Grade Boys

Austin Dees=3rd 400m

Kobi Roland=6th 100m

                             6th 200m

Alex Tyner=3rd 200m

                   5th 800m

Daniel Laredo=1st 2400m

                             2nd 1600m

                             4th 800m

Evan Plata=1st 1600m

                             3rd 800m


7th Grade Girls

Katelynn Wagstaff=4th 400m

                             6th 800m

8th Grade Girls

Alexianna Gentry =2nd 100m

                             6th 200m

Kristin Lampley=6th 400m

Addy Duncan=3rd Shot Put

                   4th Discus

Olivia Ford=5th Shot Put

Kristin Rasberry=1st Discus


Tenaha Youth Center:

Mark your calendar: Saturday, May 5th the Tenaha Youth Center will host their Senior 2018 celebration Party starting at 6:30 pm.