REDD HORACE: Well rounded person, talented player

Coach Scott Ponder: 'KeAmodre is all about the team. He wants to do whatever it takes for his team to be successful'

KeAmodre Redd Horace rolled up 383 yards rushing in this past Friday's game against Gladewater on 24 carriers while picking up five touchdowns for the Center Roughriders to be selected the Overall Center Football Player of the Game.

“Making plays, breaking tackles and running hard,” was the way Center ISD Athletic Director and head football coach Scott Ponder summed up Horace's play Friday night against Gladewater.

“My favorite part about Redd is that he is such a great kid,” Ponder said. Horace had TD runs of 52 yards, 11 yards, 86 yards, 51 yards and 62 yards. He had an average of 16 yards per carry.

If his output was not a school rushing record, it had to be in the echelon of Roughriders over the years.

“He's 'yes sir' and 'no sir' and not anything but respectful. He works hard,” he said. “He's fun to be around and the picture of humility.”

To combine that talent and demeanor in one player is unusual, Ponder said.

“For a kid to be so talented and to be such a dominate player — you just don't get that,” he said. “His personality, you smile when you see him coming. He's just great to deal with on a daily basis. He's a real blessing.”

In his 20-plus years of being a head football coach, Ponder said he has not come come across that combination often.

“Especially for someone who's borderline being a super star,” he said. That level of talent in the sports world is sometimes tough to deal with and not so much fun to work with, Ponder said.

“He's just such a piece of the locker room and he's so well liked and respected by his teammates,” he said. “There's never anything off color with Redd. He's just a great kid. It's special to have a kid that is that good of a ball player and that nice of a kid too.”

Ponder said the fact that Horace already has some Division I college offers speaks volumes for this talent. But, he said, Horace is there for the task at head each week for the Roughriders.

“Redd is totally playing for the Center Roughriders. He's obviously worried about where he's going to go in the future, but that's not his focus,” Ponder said. All too often players with that level of talent are not keyed into the success of their current ball club.

“KeAmodre is all about the team. He wants to do whatever it takes for his team to be successful,” he said. “His relationship with the team is more important than where he may end up in a year.”

For the first three games of the season, Horace has rolled up 729 yards on 48 carries for an average of 15.2 yards per carry. He is averaging 243 yards per game and has collected 15 TD's for the Roughriders so far in the still young season.

The senior could be well on his way to eclipsing last year's gridiron performance.

Wearing #32 for the Roughriders, in his junior year during the 2019 season, Horace was credited with 26 touchdowns on 2,116 yards. In the listing of the 50 most productive rushing leaders for 2019, he ranked No. 25 in Texas.


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