Weekend high school rodeos suspended

Texas High School Rodeo Region V officials continue to monitor impact of COVID-19

Texas High School Rodeo Region V Statement on COVID-19

Since the board meeting Monday, we have continued to monitor the rapidly developing news surrounding COVID-19. We’re sure you have all seen the same reports and have noticed the level of concern continues to rise day by day, if not hour by hour.

Following our board meeting Monday, the President announced tighter restrictions recommending cancelling all gatherings of 10 or more people. Our political leaders and government health officials have continued to stress the importance of limiting social gatherings and encouraging everyone in our country to take these precautions seriously. We have been in contact with the State and National High School boards for guidance as well. The recommendation of both State and Nationals is unequivocally to postpone or cancel the rodeos set this weekend.

Given all of this, we are suspending the rodeos this weekend. We plan to reschedule this rodeo if possible. For now, we are still planning to have the rodeos set in April. So, please keep them on your schedule. We will keep you informed as the situation progresses. Unfortunately, we are just going to have to give this some time and see how things progress.

At this point, we have not received any official notice regarding the status of State and National Finals. But, we do know the National board is watching this situation closely. When we receive any news regarding State or National Finals, we will let you know right away.

Please understand this is not a decision that was easy to make and not a decision we made on our own. We know this is going to be extremely disappointing to all the kids who have worked so hard and to all of you parents who have sacrificed so much to give your kids the opportunity to compete.

We wish things could be different. But, when our political leaders are so strongly advising us against public gatherings and our State and National boards recommend the same, we do not feel like we have any choice any more. We hope everyone understands.

I will hold all checks that were submitted for this weekend's rodeos in the hopes that we can reschedule. Same with region finals entries that have been sent in. All checks will be held until such time as we know what we are going to be able to do.


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