Roughriders lose to Carthage by 9 Points

Center Roughriders lose to Carthage 56 - 47 on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

February 4th, the Center Roughriders were defeated in their home game against the Carthage Bulldogs. The Roughriders called it close with their defeat of only nine points.

First period’s pace was maintained by Roughrider Zacc Smith, who contributed two 3 - pointers and one 2 - pointer in this period for a total of eight points. Makel Johnson put up four points and Jumarcus McCollister put up two points, for a final score of 14, Riders and 23, Carthage in the first period. 

The Roughriders began to fall back in the middle of the second period, as Carthage changed the pace. Carthage managed to pull ahead twelve points, putting them at a total of 34. In this second period, McCollister put up four points and Jamorrion Evans put up one, for a total of 19 points.

The Roughriders managed to come back in the fourth period, adding ten points to the board; the score in third period was 29 Riders, 47 Carthage. In the beginning of the fourth and final period, Johnson scored two points, followed by a freethrow and one more point. Malik Patton scored three points, Evans shot two 3 - pointers in a row followed by a 2 - pointer, McCollister put up two points and finally, Smith two points for a final score of 47 Riders and 56 Carthage.

Roughrider head coach Hiram Harrison said, “I just don’t think we played as well as we could have. We played better the second half - the first half kind of got away from us. We played a really good team - we’ve just got to continue to get better,” he said.

Coach Harrison and the Center Roughriders will prepare this week to take on their next opponent in Hudson; the Hudson Hornets on February the 7th. 


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