City gives green light to plans for construction of restrooms & concession stand at new soccer complex

Shelby County Youth Soccer commits to funds for concession stand/restroom

The Center City Council on Monday approved accepting a contribution valued at about $30,000 from the Shelby County Youth Soccer Assocation.

The action will pave the way for a new restroom and concession stand to be constructed at the Center Soccer Park complex being constructed off of Ballard Street. The youth soccer group has committed to pay for the facility with a long term loan to be paid off at a rate of $3,000 a year for 10 years.

Chad Nehring said the youth soccer league has solicited contributions from several civic groups with funds previously accepted by the city toward construction of the restroom and concession stand at the park. But with that support the funds needed for the project have come up about $30,000 short.

Hector Pineda, president of the association, was at Monday night's city council meeting. He said with the addition of restroom facilities and the concession stand the soccer park should be of high enough quality to host soccer tournament action for both Center High School and the youth league.

Pineda said with funds the soccer league can raise through concession stand sales, organizers feel confident they will be able to repay the $30,000 to the city.

Jason Mitchell, city recreation director, told the council while rains have slowed progress on getting the soccer complex in playing condition, work has continued. He said electrical work and work on an irrigation system is moving forward.

“We can start play in the spring, but the grass is not where it needs to be,” Mitchell said. Because of that, tentative plans call for spring play to continue at the soccer practice fields located next to Center High School.

That should give the grass enough time to get established so that maybe playoffs games could be held at Center Soccer Park near the end of the spring season.

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