Center 10U All-Stars square off with Huntington in tourney action

Monday afternoon game among dozens played over past few days at Center City Park

Youth league baseball tournament action continues this week with the wrap up of AAA South Division I and II Regional State Tournament and the Ozone South Division I and II Regional State Tournament, according to Jason Mitchell, city of Center Recreation Director.

In total, since Friday there have been 34 teams along with coaches, families and fans in town, Mitchell said. While this weekend's tourney action was scheduled to conclude late Monday there is more baseball action on the horizon for Center, he said.

Starting next Saturday, July 13, through July 18, Center Park ball fields will be hosting the Dixie Boys Junior State Tournament for 13-year-olds and the Dixie Boys (13-14) State Tournament with 16 teams and their support systems due in Center, Mitchell said.

That will round out more than a month's worth of tournament action that started June 28-July 1 with Tee-Ball South Division I & II Regional State Tournament and the Coach Pitch South Division I & II Regional State Tournament with 35 teams competing.

From June 29-July 4 Center played host to the Dixie Boys Tier II State Tourney with eight teams competing, he said.

This past weekend's Dixie League baseball teams include those teams from Center, EMC, Panola County, Bullard, Onalaska, Kilgore, Willis, Bullard, Liberty, Central, Fairfield, Trinity, Overton, Tri-Cities, Anahuac, Livingston, Splendora, Huntington and Cleveland.

In addition, teams from Shelbyville, Malakoff, Tri-Cities, Central, Shepherd, Anahuac and Arp were playing in the AAA South Division II Regional State Tournament with action continuing through Monday.

For more photos from Monday's game with Center 10U All-Stars vs. Huntington All-Stars, please click below:


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