'09 Center grad makes move to coach in Timpson

At Garrison, Cloudy earned the distinction of District 22-2A Coach of the Year for the 2019-2020 season
“It was nothing but God leading me in that direction,” said Cloudy of his move to the Timpson Bear coaching staff

Alex Cloudy has accepted a coaching position with the Timpson Bears.

During football season, Cloudy will be taking on co-defensive coordinator duties for the Bears. He will also be taking over the boys’ basketball program from Bryan Braddock who head coached both the boys’ and girls’ teams last year.

Braddock will remain head coach of the Timpson Lady Bears’ basketball program. Cloudy will also have a role with the track team.

“It was nothing but God leading me in that direction,” said Cloudy. “I never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d be coaching in Timpson or be a Timpson Bear, but I’m so excited to be back in Shelby County where I’m from and just excited to see what the future hold for the Bears’ program.”

Cloudy graduated in 2009 from Center High School, so he is obviously no stranger to Shelby County.

A big part of how Cloudy operates is through relationship building. Before making the move to one of Garrison’s oldest rivals, he stressed to his Bulldog athletes that he would love them no matter where he was coaching.

One need not look further than the Garrison boys’ basketball program to find proof of the effectiveness of Coach Cloudy’s methods. He led the Bulldogs to a playoff berth in the toughest 2A basketball district in the state.

Garrison faced off against powerhouse teams in District 22-2A including back-to-back State Champion, Shelbyville and the Tenaha Tigers, who have qualified for the Regional Tournament every year for almost a decade. Cloudy’s efforts did not go unnoticed, however, as he earned the distinction of District 22-2A Coach of the Year for the 2019-2020 season.

“I’m just so humble and grateful to earn that honor. Not just receive it, but to also be in the toughest district in 2A. That just did a lot for my career honestly,” said Cloudy.

“A huge thanks to Coach [David] Schmitt [of Shelbyville], because anytime you win the District Championship you could easily be the Coach of the Year. He really took a step back to acknowledge the program that I was in charge of came such a long way under my tenure,” Cloudy said.

“That really speaks volumes to the man that he is, and the character that he has,” he said. “They’re lucky to have him in Shelbyville. But just to receive that accolade in the midst of these great coaches, that just means a lot to me as a young up-and-coming coach.”

Cloudy hopes to use his experience to build upon the foundation laid by Coach Braddock for the Timpson boys’ basketball program.

“You take [Timpson last year] to any other district around here and I’ll argue that they could have made the playoffs. And that’s really one of our goals, to sniff the post season,” Cloudy said.

“These kids, I’ve watched them from across the river and they work hard,” he said. “They play well together. They just haven’t been able to get over that hump.”

All signs point toward this being a great hire for Timpson ISD. Bears’ fans should keep an eye out for Coach Cloudy next year as he makes his way from Garrison, across the Attoyac River, to Timpson.


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