Joaquin council postpones May election until November

Special meeting held Thursday evening

CITY OF JOAQUIN Special Called Meeting 

March 26, 2020 

The Joaquin City Council met in special session on Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. via video conference. Present were Mayor Mayor William Baker, Council Members Frank Cooper, Mike Cummings Jr., Cathy Atkinson, Krystal Raybon, and Jessie Griffith. 

Open Forum - Mayor Baker notified Council United States had past China and Italy with Covid-19 cases with more than 80,000 cases. 

Motion by Jessie Griffith, Second by Cathy Atkinson to postpone May 2nd election to November election. Motion carried. 

Motion by Mike Cummings, Jr., Second by Krystal Sandifer to approve County to install antenna for First responders on downtown water tower at no cost to the City. Antenna should be installed at minimum six (6) feet away from the ladder. County will need to schedule installation with City. County will be responsible for the antenna. Motion carried. 

Motion by Cathy Atkinson, Second Jessie Griffith to approve renewal with American State Bank loan 

and replace signatures from Pat Gray and Amanda Willey to William Baker and Paula Guzman. Motion carried. 

Closing Statements: 

o Mike Cummings, Jr. - keep doors locked in City office and not let anyone in o Cathy Atkinson - Walmart has water - stay in and stay safe 

Jessie Griffith - stay away from everyone especially the elderly - if someone needs 

water Fastenal in Center has some o Frank Cooper - be safe and careful o Krystal Raybon - met with Environmental Engineer for the asbestos removal in the 

building at 130 Steve Hughes Drive 

Rennee Owens - be careful and be aware o Sage Davis - keep distance as best as you can o William Baker - okayed for JVFD to order supplies for emergency - Rusty Wilson 

gave him a radio to keep up with them 


Motion by Cathy Atkinson to adjourn. Meeting adjourned. 

William Baker, Mayor 

Paula Guzman, City Secretary 


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Center TX 75935