Joaquin CIty Council votes to close city park again due to increases in COVID-19

CITY OF JOAQUIN Special Called Meetin

April 27, 2020 

The Joaquin City Council met in special session on Monday, April 27, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. via video conference. Present were Mayor Mayor William Baker, Council Members Frank Cooper, Mike Cummings Jr., Cathy Atkinson, Krystal Raybon, Absent was Jessie Griffith

Open Forum-No Speakers. 

Motion by Krystal Raybon, Second by Cathy Atkinson to strike out the tax per County's request. Motion carried. 

Council member Jessie Griffith connects in

Motion by Mike Cummings, Jr., Second by Krystal Raybon to pay one hundred-fifty dollars ($150.00) for six (6) months from Economic Development towards B&M Cleaners rent, upon auditor's written approval. Motion carried. 

Motion by Frank Cooper, Second Jessie Griffith to reclose the City Park due to the rising numbers of Covid cases in Shelby County Council will revisit at a later date. Motion carried. 

Motion by Cathy Atkinson to adjourn. Meeting adjourned.

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