Cooking teams will be vying for prizes; also on tap are games, door prizes and music

 From time immemorial, hunters have been among those who see the Hand of God in the world he created and gave to mankind. Hunters, who greatly value nature, have led the way in efforts to conserve and preserve our forests and wildlife, according to Robert Ortigo, Sr., pastor at Joaquin United Methodist Church.


Sunday, Nov. 10; the First United Methodist Church of Joaquin will host “Camo” Sunday, honoring all who love and celebrate the natural world, and find God in the midst of his creation.  You are invited to join us for worship service at 10:30 a.m. with a “Wild Game Feast” to follow.


Ortigo explains the background behind the church’s “camo” day and its relations with Christ:

“In recent years, psychologists and neuroscientists have upturned the beliefs and knowledge of hunters — there is peace and healing to be found in God’s natural world; among the trees, birds and animals. Health professionals are now prescribing “walks in the woods” as medical treatments. But God’s Word has always shown us that the healing presence of Faith can be found among the trees of God’s “Garden.”

Therefore; this fall Sunday on November the 10, preceding the celebration of Thanksgiving, the FUMC of Joaquin honors our hunters, and all those wearing “camo” (the colors of God’s natural world). On this day, we remember the words in Genesis 1:20-31, detailing God’s creation of living creatures and his declaration of Man’s responsibility for all that crawls, walks, swims and flies. We will also remember Proverbs 12:27, which tells us, “The lazy do not roast any game; but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt.” Thanks to the hunters among us, we will feast on the fruits of the hunt, enjoying a wide variety of wild game. 

 If you want to win some prizes; there will be cooking teams. Teams must each include one youth and one adult, working together. Prizes will be awarded to “pairs” of cooks, whose dishes are deemed best. In addition to the cooking prizes, there will be door prizes, games and music. All are welcome. Come by and join the celebration, taste and experience God’s bounty.”


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