Wages and Holloway take top honors, Kaluza and Lucas recognized at 91st Texas FFA State Convention

Wesley Wages to recieve $1,000 scholarship

Congratulations to Center FFA members Lance Holloway and Wesley Wages. L

ance and Wesley were recognized at the 91st Texas FFA State Convention July 17, on stage for being contenders for the Green Hand Star award in their respective categories.

FFA Stars are chosen based on the most outstanding Supervised Agriculture Experience Program within their respective degree and category. Winners maintain a comprehensive record keeping system to help justify and explain their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project.

 Lance Holloway was recognized for being in the top 5 in the state of Texas in Star Green Hand Agribusiness. Members in this category have an entrepreneurial agribusiness SAE. This SAE revolves around agricultural sales, service, or other entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Wesley Wages was recognized as being the state winner in Star Green Hand Production. Members in this area have a SAE that will revolve around animal or crop production. 

As a state award winner Wesley will receive a $1,000 Dina Wallrath-Robertson Memorial Star Scholarship made available by the Texas FFA Foundation

Also, we would like to congratulate Bethany Kaluza for receiving her FFA Lonestar Degree this year.

The Lone Star FFA Degree recognizes FFA members who have received the Chapter degree, been active FFA members for at least two years, completed at least four semesters of agricultural science at or above the ninth grade level, maintained a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program, demonstrated their leadership skills, and have shown a commitment to the FFA through involvement at the chapter level and above.

Center FFA would also like to recognize Mr. Claude Lucas for receiving an Honorary Lone Star Degree. The Honorary Lone Star FFA Degree is the highest honorary degree bestowed by the Texas FFA. The Honorary Lone Star FFA Degree recognizes individuals who have rendered outstanding service to agricultural education and the Texas FFA.

The 91th annual Texas FFA Convention recorded approximately 12,000 members and guests. Members of the state’s largest agricultural youth leadership organization spent the week attending leadership workshops, participating in events and activities, being recognized for their achievements, and serving as the legislative body for the Texas FFA Association. 

The Texas FFA is the nation’s largest state FFA association with a membership of more than 130,000. FFA gives students the opportunity to apply practical classroom knowledge to real world experiences through local, state and national competitions.

For more information about the Texas FFA, visit www.mytexasffa.org

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