Vote ‘yes’ for our schools and community


A wise man was once heard to say, “As goes the schools and the newspaper, so goes the community.”


Focusing on the “schools” aspect of that bit of wisdom for the moment, the community needs our support right now in passing a school bond initiative May 7 that will alleviate current overcrowding as well as provide expansion room for the future.


Your vote to support that initiative is a step not only toward providing and maintaining quality schools, but also toward building a better community.


While school bonds to improve educational facilities are voted on somewhere nearly every day, this one comes with the best incentive of all: no increase in the tax rate.


Center’s educational facilities and programs have come a long way in the last 20-plus years. But recent enrollment and growth have exceeded needs. Student enrollment—as well as student participation in athletic and band activities—is on the rise.


Enrollment has already surpassed the capacity of the Center High School, put into service just 20 years ago. As a result, examples of need can be found in numerous areas. A look at just one program, girl’s athletics, provides a glimpse of what the school system is currently experiencing. The existing locker room at Center High School has locker space for 94 girls. The current number of girls in athletics has already surpassed that number and is projected to grow to 138 by the end of this year and increase to 158 one year from now.


While adequate and up-to-date facilities is a priority, the seldom emphasized importance of a community’s school system extends beyond the campus spilling over into the business community.


Center is fortunate to have a thriving business community. The future of that success will depend on our commitment to quality education and facilities ensuring local businesses of two things that go hand in hand. A qualified work force in the years ahead to continue business growth which also ensures Center graduates wanting to remain in the area ample employment opportunities without having to relocate to the larger towns.


Vote for the bond issue. Help ensure the future and the quality of our schools, our community, and most importantly, the opportunities for our children. It’s not every day that can be accomplished with no increase in the tax rate.

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Early voting is underway now and continues through Tuesday, May 3 at the Community House in Center. Election Day voting is Saturday, May 7, also at the Community House, 425 San Augustine Street in Center from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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