Update on Center Soccer Complex

Estimated Completion Time Spring 2020

The City of Center is expected to complete the Ballard Street Soccer Complex in the spring of 2020.

“Construction began around in May,” Recreation Director Jason Mitchell said. “We were hoping to get everything done by this fall, but due to issues with rain and some contractors, we’re hoping by the spring, it’ll be finished.”

21 acres of land are being used for the complex. 

“When it’s finished, we’ll have three high school regulation soccer fields to be used for youth soccer programs and high school soccer tournaments,” Mitchell said. “There will also be a parking area and bathrooms.”

The Soccer Complex will be joining the City of Center Softball Complex and Center Park as city athletic facilities. 

“Right now, the soccer teams don’t have home tournaments, because they only have the football field,” Mitchell said. “With the completion of this park, it will give them the ability to use the extra fields so they can host tournaments to kick the season off and invite other schools.”

For more information, the City of Center can be reached at (936) 598-2941. 

“We are just waiting on the electrical contractors to come in and complete the electrical,” Mitchell said. “The next steps will be bathrooms and irrigation, but right now the electrical has to be completed before anything else can be done.”