Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison and Office of Emergency Management extend their Gratitude

Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison and Shelby County Office of Emergency
Management would like to extend their gratitude to the following individuals and
organizations for their efforts and assistance in responding to the recent winter storm
event that affected so many of our citizens. They were ready and willing to help when
we called on them for assistance.
 Shelby County Commissioner PCT 3, Stevie Smith for providing the truck, trailer,
and employee David Cheatwood to drive to Lufkin to pick up 10 pallets of water
provided by the state.
 Hallmark Center Fixtures, for allowing us the use of their facility, forklift, and
driver to unload the pallets.
 Center Fire Chief Keith Byndom for overseeing the project
 Huxley, Joaquin, Tenaha, & Timpson Volunteer Fire Departments for picking up
pallets and distributing the water to your local communities.
 All power companies, water facility employees, city public works departments for
working diligently to try and repair & restore services.
 SWEPCO for donating 15 pallets of food to 3 local food banks and to Tammy &
Mike Hanson for overseeing that.
 Local media outlets for keeping our citizens informed and posting notices for the
County in a timely manner.
 Any and all citizens and organizations who selfishly donated their time, effort, or
money to assist others in any way.

The Light and Champion

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Center TX 75935