Senior Parents Donate Chips to SCCAC

Over 300 bags of chips donated to Advocacy Center

     Snacks were donated from the Center High School Senior Trip and the Project Graduation committee to the Shelby County Children’s Advocacy Center on May 29 at the Center Civic Center.

     “Denise Merriman is the Director of the Shelby County Children’s Advocacy Center and I know she has children coming after school and in the evenings for counseling who get snacks,” Committee member Allison Scull said. “We donated six or seven boxes of 50 bags of chips, so around 350 bags of chips. A lot of the chips came from leftover snacks from Senior Trip and Project Graduation bought some.  ”

     Every child who enters the Advocacy Center for a forensic interview or counseling session receives a drink and snack.

     "Most of our snacks are kept supplied by the wonderful ladies in the Pentecostal church’s women’s group,” Merriman said. “It is a big deal for these kids.We see a lot of these kids after school and they are hungry or having a bad day so the snack can be a comfort item.”

     The Advocacy Center is focused on helping children who are the victims of crime or neglect in the area and relies primarily on donations, grants, fundraising, churches and individuals.

     “We can use anything that people are willing to give,” Merriman said. “We’ve had people stock the freezer with things like corn dogs. If people even wanted to donate gift cards, that is completely fine. It seems like a small gesture but the kids love it.”

     People are welcome to donate to the Advocacy Center at any time.

     “We do plan to keep on donating food each year, so we may switch it up,” Scull said. “Maybe we will donate snacks to the fire department or police department or maybe even the ER in the future.”

     If you are interested in donating or offering support, please contact the Shelby County Advocacy Center at (936) 590- 9864.

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