Notes from Camp, July 31

In the Wednesday July 18th edition of the Light and Champion, Chris Watlington wrote an article about his experiences as a counselor at Lakeview Methodist Camp this summer.  He and one other counselor who the campers called Uncle Warren were in charge of nine boys between seven and nine years old.  For the next few days, he is giving "Notes from Camp" here in the Light and Champion Online.


Before I went to camp, I was afraid I'd be too old for the job.  Especially in the put-it-all-out-there style I used to use.  At what age are you too old to be the silly goofus or the lovable oaf or the comedian kid's straight man?


Turned out, everything went just fine.  But as I was driving to camp, I put together a list of things I badly did NOT want to hear myself say during the week.  So...


Here are the Top Ten Things I Do Not Want To Hear Myself Say During Camp Week:


10.  Help me to breakfast, sonny.  Part of my spine is still in my metal bunk.

9.  Yes, Rex.  That is hair on my back.  No, Rex.  The Devil did not put it there.

8.  No, I’m not crying.  I just want to come down from this ropes course.  Like right now.

7.  Kid, you think you’re homesick?  I’ll show you homesick!

6.  My kingdom for a Rolaid!

5.  I’m glad you’re hear, Johnny.  You are special, Johnny and there’s no one like you in the world. 

4.  Oh.  You’re name is RONNY.  Oh.  Um, I’m glad you’re hear Ronnie.  You are special, Ronnie and there’s no one like you in the world.

3.  Hey you in the Camp Store!  What do you have for constipation?

2.  That was the whole song?  For the last eight minutes, I’ve been standing up singing the same nine words.  You’re telling me that’s the whole song? 


And the number one thing I hope I don’t hear myself say for the week at Church Camp:



1.  No, Zac.  There was no bear in our cabin last night.  That was me snoring.


Hope you smiled a little at these!  And hope you'll check out the article "Return to Camp Life, Part II" in the Wednesday August 1st print issue of the Light and Champion!

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