New English Teacher at CHS Continues Teaching Legacy

Center ISD Schools Start Back August 14

Center High School will be welcoming new teacher, Emily Glass as a freshman and sophomore English teacher on August 14. 

“I am very excited,” Glass said. “I am from Center, and I wanted to teach in my hometown. I have a family of teachers and my grandmother, Portia Gaines taught in Center for many years. She just loved it so much and was so good at it. Wherever we go, she always sees a former student, and after decades they remember her fondly. It was such a huge inspiration for me. I want my students to learn stuff that will carry them through not just through the rest of their academic career, but their future careers as well.”

Glass graduated from Stephen F. Austin University as an English major.  

“I am hoping to get involved in UIL, maybe something like Literary Criticism,” Glass said. “This is my first year teaching, and I need to get my sea legs, so to speak. Luckily, I have a lot of great teachers to learn from so I’m hoping there won’t be any massive challenges that I won’t be able to overcome.” 

Glass applied online and interviewed with the principal, Matthew Gregory. 

“Something that is very important to remember for new teachers is that the first year is the hardest year, but stay strong, it gets a lot better,” Grandmother and former teacher Portia Gaines said. “My first year teaching, I was teaching 7th and 8th grade History and Geography and I enjoyed it. It was a very different era and time and my first students are turning 80. I taught at Center High School for 40 years and I also taught at Panola for 10 years.”

Along with graduating from Center High School, Glass was also very involved in FFA.

“I pray for my granddaughter and hope that everything goes well,” Gaines said. “I think I still remember all my students pretty vividly. I liked all of my students a lot, I don’t know if that’s a tip or trick, but it certainly worked for me as a teacher.”

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