In need of a fill up ....

It wasn't a wreck or streetscape construction tying up traffic on the downtown Center square Wednesday afternoon

While there may never be an ideal time for a motorist to run out of fuel in their car or truck, a driver for Performance Feed Service happened to have his gas gauge fall to the empty line just as he was trying to get around the downtown Center square.

That caused inconvenience not only for the delivery truck, but for others driving on Nacogdoches Street.

Center Police officers were called to the scene to help divert traffic around the stalled truck and an 18-wheel rig behind it. The 18-wheeler was too long to make the detour around a traffic island at the corner of Nacogdoches and Austin street so it was stuck there too.

To the rescue was a crew from Sand Hill Wrecker service which was called on to make a special delivery of fuel. The scene was cleared soon after 2 p.m. Wednesday.


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