Four shoplifting suspects detained Tuesday afternoon in downtown Center

Suspects reportedly left Center retailers without paying for items in their possession

Minutes after a car with shoplifting suspects left the parking lot of a Center retailer, the vehicle was stopped on the downtown Center square and four occupants were handcuffed and arrested by Center Police.

CPD on Tuesday afternoon took the four shoplifting suspects into custody after they were reported to have left Center retailers with items they allegedly had not paid for.

CPD officers were assisted by Texas Department of Public Safety in stopping a suspect car on the downtown Center square after it and four suspects left Walmart, Beall's and possibly other stores with items store representatives reported they had not paid for.

The four were stopped in a gold colored Honda with a Louisiana license plate. After questioning the suspects officers searched the car and discovered a trunk full of filled plastic shopping bags, plastic tubs and other items, including a mirror and picture frames.

Although arrested on probable cause, suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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