First Baptist Church Center offers other congregations assistance with recording technology to share sermons

FBC makes scheduling changes in lieu of Covid-19/coronavirus
First Baptist Church Center

Coronavirus Update

Center, Texas, March 18,2020


We want to offer our assistance to you as we navigate this time together. We have the capability to record your sermons so that you can distribute them to your church membership. IF you would like for us to partner with you please contact
Pastor Bobby Bressman or David Mathis at 598-5605

Our leadership team met this afternoon with an increasing amount of discussion surrounding COVID-19. We want to make plans for our congregation, we encourage you to heed the advice of the CDC, and to take common sense precautions in daily life. Remember that we serve a sovereign God who instructs us not to live in a spirit of fear. God is good, He’s faithful, and we know that He’s still at work all around us.
Let’s continue to be the Church and walk with God together in the days ahead as we

strive together to Connect People to Jesus Christ and One Another.

Because of the developing situation:

  • we are postponing the scheduled Walk thru the Bible that we had planned for Sunday

    for a later date.

  • Wednesday evening and Children’s activities and Adult Bible Study are postponed

  • This Sunday we WILL have our regularly scheduled Sunday school and Worship service.

    Our monthly evening business meeting will be short and have a time of appreciation for

    our Youth minister Tyler Keese.

  • We are asking everyone to adopt a “No Touching” understanding with one another.

  • We will need to spread out more than usual to keep a 6 foot distance between families.

  • Connect with staff through hosted live chats during the Sunday morning service. We

    want to continue to help you grow and pray with you, even when you aren’t attending in person.


    If you feel uncomfortable with being in a group we invite you to worship with us live at 10:15 AM on our Facebook page, and on our webpage

Kids Prayer Guide for families at home:

It’s important to remind our kids that they can talk to God about anything! No matter where they are or what they are feeling, God hears our prayers.

These simple ideas can help guide your prayer time as a family:
• Focus on and praise God for who is – “Thank you God for being loving”; “I praise you Lord because you protect us and heal the sick”; etc...
• Pray God’s word – Choosing one verse to focus on can help you stay focused and help your kids not wander on too many rabbit trails.
• Take turns – listen to your kids! God often speaks through our kids tender hearts. Offer a turn for each of your kids to voice their prayers.

Keep an ongoing family prayer list – a list that you can add to and check back with frequently. Keep this list somewhere the whole family can see it.


All of our normal weekly rehearsals have been canceled until further notice.


Until further notice, the FLC will be closed due to COVID - 19.


Our CLA will be closed along with the schedule for Center ISD.


One of the best ways to help us love our community during the spread of illness is simply to be a good neighbor. If you live beside or are in close contact with families who have high-risk individuals in their homes, reach out to see if they need anything. Maybe that means offering to pick up supplies on your next trip to the store or dropping off some food if they’re unable to get out. Simply look for ways that you can Love Where You Live in the coming weeks and commit to praying for our leaders and community.


First Baptist Church is committed to helping people of Shelby County develop a relationship with Jesus Christ!

The Light and Champion

137 San Augustine St.
Center TX 75935