Fannie Brown Booth Library hosts Create-A-Costume group

"This year, Fannie Brown Booth Library is going to be hosting a Create-A-Costume group for Halloween!  

We will supply ideas, fabric, accessories, and other supplies to help your child make a great costume!  

We are still looking for donations for these items, so feel free to bring anything you have by the library.  

Our Create-A-Costume group will meet throughout September and the first two weeks of October.

The meetings will be after Story Time on Thursdays for those who are too young for school or are homeschooled, and on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for those who need to come after school!  

Adults must be present to approve their child’s choices and to assist in the making of the costumes.  

This is a family friendly group.  We look forward to seeing you all there!"


The Light and Champion

137 San Augustine St.
Center TX 75935