Early voting starts Monday for Constitutional Amendment election

Shelby County polling places listed

 Notice is hereby given that the polling places listed below will be open from 7am to 7pm, November 5, 2019, for voting in a special election to adopt or reject the proposed Constitutional Amendments as submitted by the 86th Legislature, Regular Session, of the State of Texas.

(Notifiquese, por las presente, que las casillas electorales sitados abajo se abriran desde la 7am hasta las 7pm el 5 Novembre de 2019 para votar en al Elleccion Especial para adoptal o rechazar la enmiendos propuestas constitucional asi como fueron sometidas por la 86a Legislatura, de la Estado de Texas.)

Locations of polling locations

  • Precinct 1 N (Center) - Polling location is at First United Methodist Church, 211 N. Porter Street, Center, Texas 75935 
  • Precinct 1 SO (Center) - Polling location is at Church of Christ, 110 Hurst Street, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 1 SE (Center) - Polling location is at Pineywoods Family Outreach Center, 255 Haley Drive, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 1 SW (Center) - Polling location is at Center Community House, 423 San Augustine Street, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 1 W (Center) - Polling location is at JOI Ranch Building, 5198 FM 2026, Tenaha, Texas 75974
  • Precinct 2 (Aiken) - Polling location is at Excelsior School, 11280 St. Hwy 7 W, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 3 (Sardis) - Polling location is at Campti Pentecostal Church, 6153 FM 414, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 4 (Huxley) - Polling location is at Lydia Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 14998 FM 139, Shelbyville, TX 75973
  • Precinct 5 (Joaquin) - Polling location is at First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 175 Faulkville Road, Joaquin, TX 75954
  • Precinct 6 (Dreka) - Polling location is at Dreka Pentecostal Church, Fellowship Hall, 1193 FM 2427, Shelbyville, Texas 75973
  • Precinct 7 (Shelbyville) - Polling location is at First Baptist Church - Shelbyville, Fellowship Hall, 5030 SH 87 South, Shelbyville, Texas 75973
  • Precinct 8 (Tenaha) - Polling location is at First United Methodist Church Fellowhip Hall, 226 N. George Bowers Dr., Tenaha, TX 75974
  • Precinct 9N (Timpson) - Polling location is at Texas State Bank Annex, 830 N 1st Street W, Timpson, TX 75975
  • Precinct 9S (Timpson) - Polling location is at Timpson School Gym Foyer, 836 Bear Dr., Timpson, TX 75975

Early voting by personal appearance will be conducted each weekday at:
(La votacion adelantada en persona se ilevara a cabo de lunes a vienes en:)

Shelby County Clerk's Office, 124 Austin Street, Center, Texas between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm beginning on October 21, 2019 and ending November 1, 2019. (Entre las 8 de la monana y las 4:30 de la tardeempezando el Octobre 21, 2019 y terminando el Novembre 1, 2019.)

Application for ballot by mail shall be mailed to:
(La solicitudes para boletas que se votaran adelantada por correo deberan enviarse a:)

Jennifer Fountain - Shelby County Clerk
P.O. Box 1987 or 124 Austin Street
Center, Texas 75935

Application for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on October 25, 2019. (Las solicitudes para boletas que se votaran adelantada por correo recipirse para el fin de las horas negocio el Octobre 25, 2019.)

Proposition #4

State Income Tax
Vote on 10 new Constitutional Amendments with your fellow Texans on November 5! Issues include rules for municipal court judges, creating a flood infrastructure fund, and the retirement of police dogs and horses. The League of Women Voters of Texas (LWVTX) provides fair and unbiased information to help voters understand the Amendments through intensive research and preparation of our Voter's Guide.
"This is your chance! You decide which of the 10 proposed amendments will become part of the Texas Constitution." says Grace Chimene.
The League's Voters Guide is available online on the LWVTX website and Texas voters can review their ballot, make choices, and print out their choices from VOTE411.org. The printed Voters Guide can be found at many Texas public libraries. Texas voters may take the printed Voters Guide, their VOTE411.org printed list, or their own notes into the polling booth. They may not use their phone in the polling place.
Proposition 4 (HJR 38) would prohibit the Texas Legislature from establishing a personal state income tax.
Arguments For:
  • A 2019 poll by the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Tribune found 71% of respondents oppose an individual state income tax.
  • Texas has a low-tax, pro-growth approach to economic expansion, and that is dependent on having no personal income tax.
  • This amendment could support population growth in Texas, as families and businesses may move to Texas because there is no state income tax.
  • An income tax would also increase the size of government by requiring a large bureaucracy to administer it. 
Arguments Against:

  • This amendment is not necessary because the Texas Constitution now prohibits the Legislature from imposing an income tax without a statewide referendum (Art. 8, Sec. 24, adopted in 1993). In addition, any net revenue from that tax must be used for the support of education.
  • Revenue from an income tax could reduce the tax burden on businesses, which pay a higher proportion of taxes in Texas than in other states.
  • The current Legislature and today’s voters should not make taxation decisions for future Texans. The needs of Texans change over time, so future Texans should make their own choices on taxation.
  • One reason Texans pay high property and sales taxes may be because Texas has no income tax. If Proposition 4 passed, these taxes would likely continue to increase, so Proposition 4 would not necessarily decrease the size of state government.
Check out this video on Proposition 4!
Other amendments to consider in this election:
  • Proposition 1 would amend the Texas Constitution to allow a municipal judge to be elected in more than one jurisdiction.
  • Proposition 2 would allow the Water Development Board to issue bonds from the Economically Distressed Areas Program (EDAP) to develop water supply & sewer projects in economically depressed areas of the state.
  • Proposition 3 would allow the Texas Legislature to give a temporary property tax exemption in a disaster area.
  • Proposition 5 would require the Legislature to allocate sales tax revenue from sporting goods sales to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission.
  • Proposition 6 would authorize the Legislature to double the maximum bond amount for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to $6 billion.
  • Proposition 7 would double the amount of money that the General Land Office could distribute to the Available School Fund to $600 million.
  • Proposition 8 would create a Flood Infrastructure Fund to assist in financing drainage, flood mitigation, and flood control products.
  • Proposition 9 would authorize the legislature to exempt precious metals held in a Texan precious metal depository to be exempted from property taxes.
  • Proposition 10 would allow the transfer of a law enforcement animal to a qualified caretaker in certain circumstances.
Important Dates for the November 5th Texas Constitutional Amendment Election
Last Day to Register to Vote for 11/5 Election: October 7
Early Voting: October 21 to November 1
Last Day to Request Vote by Mail Ballot: October 25
Vote by Mail Deadline: Must be received by November 5 at 7pm
Election Day: November 5
Voter ID Information
In Texas, you are required to bring a valid form of ID with you to the polls. There are 7 forms of ID you can use: a Driver’s License, a US passport, a US military photo ID, a Texas Personal Identification card, a photo US citizenship certificate, or a Texas Election Identification Certificate. If you do not have a photo ID or cannot reasonably obtain one, you may still vote upon signing a form and presenting an original copy of your Voter Registration Card, certified birth certificate, current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or paycheck with your name and address on it. 
For help on registering to vote, checking your registration status, or finding what’s on your ballot, visit VOTE411.org or our voting webpage
League of Women Voters of Texas
The League of Women Voters of Texas represents almost 10,000 grassroots advocates across the State of Texas. The Texas League has been "organizing, educating and agitating" since 1919. The League is a nonpartisan organization - it does not support or oppose any candidates or parties. Instead, the League encourages active and informed civic participation in government and increased understanding of major public policy issues.

The Light and Champion

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