Downtown square traffic signals to remain in flashing mode for 30 days

TxDOT to conduct study of need for traffic signals downtown

The signal lights around the historic downtown Center courthouse square will remain in flashing red mode for 30 days beginning Monday of this week, according to Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT spokeswoman Rhonda Oaks said the lights will remain in the flashing red mode while the agency conducts a traffic study of whether or not the signals are still needed or whether they might be replaced with stop signs.

“We are conducting the traffic study at the request of the city as they plan for the city’s beautification project on the square,” she said.

“At the end of 30 days, our traffic engineers will determine whether the signals are still warranted or if stop signs will work more efficiently for the downtown traffic needs,” Oaks said. TxDOT will make a recommendation to the city based on those findings.


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