Domestic Violence Display: "Empowering Survivors T-shirt Project" at Cline Family Medicine

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The Family Crisis Center has unveiled their Empowering Survivors T-shirt project this morning at 11:30. The display will remain up from October 17 to October 25 in the Cline Family Medicine parking lot, located at 630 Hurst Street.

This traveling display that explains through color and survivor quotes just how difficult victims’ lives are and how they change after reaching out for assistance from the Family Crisis Center.

Melissa Wheeler, Development Director at the Family Crisis Center, says, “October is Domestic Violence awareness month. At the Family Crisis Center, we want to draw attention to that. Using the t-shirt project as a way to draw attention to domestic violence in our communities,” she said.

“This is the first time we have created such a visual display,” Heather Kartye, Family Crisis Center Executive Director, said. 

“Survivors’ statements about their abusers and their lives post abuse allows the community an insight into the lives of these individuals. We want the community to understand that these situations are not the fault of the victims,” Kartye said. “And we want to use this display to help our community learn how to identify when someone is possibly being abused and help get them the support they need.”


The display has just three shirt colors:

• Black – represents those victims who did not or could not reach out for help in time to be
• Gray – represents those living in domestic violence situations and transitioning or seeking help;
• White – represents those who are utilizing domestic violence resources and are thriving
survivors – helping end the culture in their family.
Each white and gray shirt represents 100 survivors. The lone black shirt recognizes all those who did not survive their circumstances.

“Hundreds of men, women and children in East Texas need aid, comfort and education to help
them end the domestic violence situation in which they are living,” Kartye said. 

“These t-shirts are already done, they’re pre-done, these are quotes from survivors that are painted on each t-shirt. They will be up on display and the unveiling of the project is on Friday, October 16,” said Wheeler.

“We will have some printed shirts available for purchase as well. Provide a night of shelter for a domestic violence survivor, $35 for a t-shirt,” she said. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call the hotline 24 hours a day 7
days a week for free and confidential help, 1-800-828-7233 (SAFE).

The Family Crisis Center of East Texas (FCCET) is a non-profit organization that empowers
survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing crisis intervention and advocacy
services. The FCCET also engages the community through education to build awareness and
prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.

Since 1979, the Janelle Grum Family Crisis Center of East Texas (Women’s Shelter of East
Texas, Inc.) staffs a full array of professionals specializing in assistance for survivors of
domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Those services included emergency shelter, a 24-hour crisis hotline, access to food and clothing, information and referral, legal and personal advocacy, child advocacy, counseling, support groups, job readiness training, transitional housing, homeless prevention financial assistance, child care assistance, and more. As of 2019, our agency provided 1,278 residential and non-residential clients with over 207,000 essential services.


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