Cultural Exploration Club Hosts Parent Meeting for 2021 Trip to Greece Dec 17

The Cultural Exploration Club will have a parent meeting to answer questions and enroll students for the 2021 trip to Greece on Tuesday, December 17, in the Center High School library at 6 p.m.
“It may be too late to enroll in the CHS Cultural Exploration Club’s trip to Paris in the spring next year,” club sponsor Douglas Moore said, “but it is not too early to get on board with the trip to Greece in the Spring of 2021.”
The tentative days for the trip will be May 7-16.
“One reason we are starting early is that parents have asked for it,” Moore said. “By starting earlier, their payments would be much more budget friendly. Doing it in December also makes it a good Christmas gift for a student.”
All that is needed to lock in a spot on the tour is a $95 dollar down payment, and Moore will be available on the 17th to help set that up for students. Parents are also free to enroll for and accompany their student on the trip.
“Another reason we are starting early,” Moore said, “is that EF Educational Tours offers an early enrollment discount of $200. Anyone that enrolls before December 27th will be eligible for that discount.”
Anyone interested in attending can RSVP to the meeting at: The dates for the trip have been set to avoid state testing, senior prom and the senior trip. The club and the trip are open to all students. If you would like more information about trip, you can email Doug Moore at

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