CPD makes arrests in storage building thefts

Center Police Department's on-going investigation nets 7 arrests, return of a large amount of stolen property

Center Police Department officers have made multiple arrests in a string of burglaries of storage buildings and have recovered a large amount of stolen property, they announced Friday afternoon.

Victims of storage unit burglaries or storage building burglaries who have not reported the crime are being asked to contact the Center Police Department. Those residents or renters of stoarge facilities who have not checked on the status of their property lately are asked to do so, CPD said.

“After multiple reports of storage buildings being burglaries in the City of Center over a period of several month, Center Police Department Street Crimes Detectives were able to develop a suspect vehicle by security camera footage,” officers said.

“A BOLO (be on the look out) report was put out within the department in an attempt to locate the vehicle,” CPD said. “Officer M. Davidson located the vehicle and made an identification of the driver the first night the BOLO was released.”

The next morning detectives travelled to the residence of the suspect person and were able to identify stolen property at the residence. Several interviews were conducted over the next couple of day and multiple suspects were identified and a large amount of property was located, they said.

“This investigation has been lengthly and the individuals responsible are in jail on multiple felony offenses,” according to CPD. “There were approximately seven different individuals arrested in relation to this case and more warrants are pending.”

Center Police Department officials said the most important thing is that the stolen property had been returned to the owners and there is still property to be returned.

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