CHS competes in 2019 UIL Young Filmmakers Festival

Blane Agnew's film advances to the next round of competition
The Center High School UIL Film group submitted three entries this year to compete in the 2019 UIL Young Filmmakers Festival. Over 700 films were submitted across the state in different categories.
We submitted one traditional animation created by Chloe Maldonado and two narratives by Blane Agnew and Miriam Almaguer. 
Congratulations to Blane Agnew as his film advances to the next round of competition. Unfortunately Prudence and CYCYLE didn't make it to the next round missing it by one vote. So close. Congrats goes out to all film students for their hard work and effort. Best of luck to Blane and his crew.
CHS film students that participated in the films are:
Chloe Maldonado
Scarlett Shires
Blane Agnew
Maddie Russell
Miriam Almaguer
Erika Moreno
Michelle Acosta
FADED :: Blane Agnew
Prudence. :: Miriam Almaguer
CYCLE :: Chloe Maldonado
Sydney Brookshire

The Light and Champion

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