Center Middle School releases names of Students Making a Difference

Teacher nominations for first nine-week grading period released

Center Middle School introduces Students Who Make a Difference for the first nine weeks.

Teachers are asked to nominate exceptional students encompassing all or most of these qualities: 

- A leader - always prepared for class 

- Strives to make good grades 

- A hard worker 

- Model student 

- Kind and considerate of others 

- Helpful to teachers and peers 

- Punctual 

- Strives to be a better student 

- Exemplifies the qualities of #givemefive.

The students chosen for this honor include sixth graders, Adrian Hernandez and Damayi Parra; seventh graders, La’Niyah McCollister and Gabby Ordaz; and eighth graders Kevin Morin and Logan Meyer.

Center Middle School staff had these comments about our Students Who Make a Difference:

Adrian Hernandez:

  • Mr. Michael Cloudy: Adrian is a great student! He listens well in class and always comes ready to learn new things.


Damayi Parra:

  • Mr. Michael Cloudy: Damayi is a very bright young lady! Always has a smile on her face and is one of my standout students that works hard and is a very helpful and supportive classmate.

  • Mrs. Humber: Damayi is a bright student that continues to show determination and hard work is the key to success. Not only is she concerned with getting her work done but helping others to be successful!

  • Mr. Jalen Hubbard: Damayi is an outstanding student. She comes to class everyday prepared to reach new heights. She also takes the time to help others in need. She exemplifies what it means to be a hardworking student. Damayi’s education is very important to her, and I look forward to watching her grow and become successful.


La’Niyah McCollister:

  • Mr. Randy Hagler: LaNaiyah is a wonderful young lady whose cheerful personality and positive attitude is an inspiration to all those in her presence. She has a caring spirit and has a strong motivation to succeed.

  • Mrs. Deborah Midkiff: La'Niyah McCollister is a role model for other students and teachers because she works hard to achieve her goals academically, in sports, and in her personal interests, such as learning American Sign Language. She always has a positive attitude while doing it all. She even inspires me to go over and beyond what I initially believe I can do. She will change the world for the better now and in the future.

  • Mrs. Tyler McElligott: La'Naiyah is a fantastic representation of role model. She is kind, resilient, and determined. She always gives her very best efforts; she is always working towards being a better student and person. I am blessed to be her teacher. She lights up the room with her joyous attitude.

  • Mrs. Jessica Gurley: LaNiyah always comes in with a positive attitude and ready to learn. She is respectful and always willing to go the extra mile in everything she does! I love having LaNiyah in my class!


Gabby Ordaz:

  • Mrs.Jessica Gurley: Gabby is a super sweet and respectful student who goes above and beyond on any task you give her. She is helpful and encouraging to others - I love having her in my TX History class!

  • Mrs. Laura Hightower: I'm proud to have the pleasure to teach Gabby Ordaz. She is a great leader in and out of the classroom. She is willing to help others when asked and always has a smile on her face.

  • Mr. Randy Hagler: Gabby is a joy and a delight for any teacher to have in the classroom. She has a strong motivation to succeed and a kind heart and a wonderful smile as well.


Logan Meyer:

  • Mrs. Anita Williams: Logan truly is a student who "makes a difference" because he is never satisfied with anything less than excellence. He constantly challenges himself to do better and be better. These are characteristics of the "making of a leader" and if more of our students possessed these traits, our school and our community would be better as a result.

  • Mrs. Jennifer Armstrong: He is always on time to class, always works well in class, and always has his work completed on time. He participates in class discussions as well, and helps his neighbors when needed.

  • Mrs. Gladys Andrews: Logan is a gentleman. He has not been at CMS for very long, but he has proved himself to be a hard worker, always polite to his peers and respectful to all.

  • Mrs. April Bloys: Logan is an awesome student who always tries his best!

  • Mrs. Jessica Gurley: Logan always comes into class with a smile. He is new to our campus but he fits right in. Logan is a very positive influence to others and has a great work ethic. He is truly a joy to have in my class!


Kevin Morin:

  • Mrs. Jennifer Armstrong: He is very helpful in class. He is always on time, always on task, and always has his work completed.

  • Mrs. Jennifer Moon: Kevin Morin is an outstanding student. He is very respectful and a hard worker. He has met his ‘my five goal’ on all of his math tests this year. I enjoy having Kevin in my classroom.

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